I've got to pay duty and no longer want my order. What do I do?

If Customs and Import Duties are payable to your country, you will be responsible for paying it to the authorities, 4TH & Reckless isn't involved in this process.

To make this process as easy as possible for our customers to understand, we explain this as clear as we can in our FAQ's, which we advise customers to read before placing an order.


Whilst we understand oversights may happen, however, 4TH & Reckless can't be held responsible for the costs incurred in cancelling such orders. We are all at the mercy of Government's Customs & Border controls and their charges.

Authorities often want the duties paid regardless or will simply destroy the parcel. To avoid this, the parcel needs to be returned back to our warehouse as soon as possible to avoid excessive demurrage charges. We reserve all rights to offset (and/or reclaim) any costs incurred as a result of a cancelled and returned parcel in this instance against the refund issued.


If you have any queries, please get in touch with our team here who will be happy to help advise.  Alternatively, if you are unsure about whether or not you are subject to such fees, we advise you contact your local customs office before going ahead and placing an order.

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